Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Photo Below and Comments on Other Alleged Time Travellers

Someone posted a comment asking what is the bright effect obscuring the German scientist's face in the photo below? This picture was from a Nazi file folder I found under some rat droppings in my shed. It was recovered only with several lost lives in preventing its destruction. I don't remember how it ended up in my files after I retired and left La****d Incorporated. The file is dated June 22, 1944 although it's hard to read the tab. There is only a brief explanation, written on the back of the photo in German which I translated. The Nazis were attempting to use human aural energy and it leaked out somehow in a dangerous way. The Germans had supposedly developed a way to connect the time projection capability powered by human aural energy into some kind of viewing device to the past using metallic antimony (which is just above bismuth in the periodic table). Antimony is an extremely brittle metal of a flaky, crystalline texture, is bluish white and has a metallic luster. It burns brilliantly when heated and forms blinding white fumes that could easily overexpose in a photograph. It is also a poor conductor of electricity so the energies required, though subtle, would have been enormous. Antimony and its compounds are toxic. I seriously doubt this man survived. There is much more description but my German is faltering.

By the way I have no knowledge of persons like Dr. David Lewis Anderson and the so called Project Pegasus,, of Andrew D. Basiago. I really wonder if these persons are being truthful. I was doing some "googling" yesterday at the insistence of my daughter (who fears for my safety, bless her heart) and discovered these various time travel claims that I truly believe are questionable. Mr. Basiago, for example, states the US has achieved “quantum access” to past and future events. There are claims that bismuth, which Mr. Basiago has identified as the element used in "the crystal array of the chronovisor", has certain atomic properties that enable it to produce holograms of past and future events. Since the physics we've developed that dates back to about 1940 (from the Nazi scientists) strongly concludes time travel, and I would say any remote viewing, from any present time to the future is impossible, and that quantum mechanics has no known relation to time travel, I doubt his claims. I have also never heard of his "Project Pegasus",, as something sponsored in secret by the US government. I sincerely doubt it ever existed. I am convinced I worked on the only time travel program operated in secret by the US government. I have strong evidence to back that up. Just look at all of my previous posts including the various plans. I have even stronger evidence which I am sorting through now. I have never heard of nor met any of these men. As I go through my files, I have only touched about 25%, so I will let you know if, for any reason, they are even hinted at.

I may not be posting much next week due to intense chemotherapy. Wish me luck!

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  1. People make up stuff sometimes because there's money in it - a lot of money. Or some are just hungry for praise and prestige. If a cause is worth dying for, it's worth lying for. Liberal intellectuals do this all the time.

  2. Your mind needs opening.

  3. Open minds lead to opener minds, etc. Being childlike is spiritually adept, a level of high vibration.


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